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20 GDM Themes For Ubuntu You Probably

The most beautiful part of being a linux user is the choice you have, whatever issue it is. Like any other Linux distro, Ubuntu is infinitely customisable with any number of themes and applications. This include login window themes or gdm themes as well. Major source for themes in ubuntu include and There, you could obtain literally thousands of good quality themes.

And i think may be that is the problem. I am not saying it as a bad thing but still, you are simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of choice you have. Here is select set of login window themes that i think are really worth a look. If you are looking for full set themes which include gdm themes, wallpapers,icon themes etc you may want to take a look at 10 beautiful themes you can download directly from Ubuntu repository.

Note: Some of the screenshots below may not be appropriate for all. If you are below the age of 18, please refrain from going any further.

Music Pirate GDM Theme

Alfa Brera GDM Theme

Go Away GDM Theme

Crisp Clear Morning GDM Theme

RoMuDsGr_PacificBlue GDM Theme

Chill Out Linux GDM Theme

Autum GDM Theme

Dead Rising Night GDM Theme – Trust me, this one is scary

Goth Tears GDM Theme

Bielefeld City Lights GDM Theme

System Access GDM Theme

Leaf GDM Theme

Aurora Black GDM Theme

Awan Biru GDM Theme

Discrete Crunch Bang GDM Theme

Lips Pixel High GDM Theme

LinuxPos GDM Theme

Ubuntu Leaf GDM Theme

Pro Street Wood GDM Theme

Wooden GDM Theme

Sky GDM Theme

How to install GDM Login Window Themes in Ubuntu

  • Goto System > Administration > Login Window and select the tab local.
  • Simply drag and drop the downloaded tar.gz file.
  • Disclaimer: Themes above is not owned or connected anyway to Ubuntu Manual. I have provided the links for each theme in their respective titles. If you like the theme, i strongly recommend you to visit the link and leave a comment(at least).

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