34 Power Affirmations for Connecting With the Affluent

Here are 34 affirmations I have actually developed after studying the book “Networking with the Affluent” by Dr. Thomas Stanley. Even though the book is targeted to sales individuals, I think that it is to everybody’s advantage to network– particularly to network with successful people. If enough effective people are favorably impressed with you and choose to help you, you can accomplish almost anything– certainly with regard to meeting your own needs and assisting other people.
As with a lot of jobs in life, success in networking begins with the proper frame of mind. The best mindset. When people fail at networking, it is typically the outcome of 2 things:

They approach the contact with an automatically self-centered attitude. They desire time with the prospect to reveal their service or products so that they can make a sale. While they might declare (and persuade themselves) that they are actually operating in the very best interest of the possibility, their interest only goes as far as how their product can assist fulfill a potential customers require. What they are actually stating is “I’m delighted to assist you, however only if completion result is that you buy my product.” This is normally an unconscious thought process.

This is one reason that affirmations can be really effective in eliminating this issue. Affirmations can condition your mind so that you are constantly sensitive to what the other person requirements. If you are actually efficient in helping others satisfy their requirements (even when they have absolutely nothing straight to do with your product or service), then the odds are much greater that they will ultimately not just purchase your product and services, however refer others who likewise need your services.
Here’s a hint: the most significant requirement and issue of the majority of company owner, is increasing their revenues. Discover ways to enhance their earnings, and possibly they will help you enhance yours.
Effective networkers network in clusters. They target the leaders of networks. These tools allow them to assist numerous members of their network in a short period of time and establish themselves as specialists in their specific field.
Here are several affirmations I have actually composed for myself as the result of studying Thomas Stanley’s book.

1) My power network is increasing daily.
2) I assist individuals in my network attain their goals and objectives.
3) I now serve my network with intelligence, respect and professionalism.
4) I connect to new contacts and allies all over I go.
5) I regularly take part in fund raising activities for worthwhile, charitable causes.
6) I am a network facilitator. I bring people in my network for their mutual benefit.
7) I develop powerful, favorable connections with good individuals all over I go.
8) I produce new company chances by connecting with people at the point of their needs.
9) I establish expertise and trustworthiness by studying and understanding problems important to my target network.
10) As I get in touch with my network, I ask questions and listen thoroughly for signs of their needs.
11) I now find creative methods to help members of my network increase their earnings.
12) I take the initiative to be an advocate of issues essential to my network. I am an activist.
13) I check out the trade publications of people in my network regularly.
14) I multiply my network by frequently releasing articles in their trade publications-articles that are of interest to them.
15) By evaluating trade publications and attending trade association conferences, I stay present with the issues and challenges essential to the members of my network.
16) I help members of my network meet their requirements no matter any immediate personal benefit to me.
17) I am now a tactical networker.
18) I now network with the major company and political leaders in my neighborhood.
19) I frequently network with viewpoint leaders in targeted affinity groups.
20) I multiply my network in clusters.
21) I frequently participate in and contribute to strategic organizations and associations.
22) Opinion leaders call me regularly for my assistance and guidance.
23) Opinion leaders seek me out to add me to their network of contacts.
24) I frequently network with the advisors of wealthy and prominent leaders.
25) I am a master of clusters instead of a master of the ones.
26) I am an acknowledged market leader and expert in my occupation.
27) I show my expertise by regularly releasing short articles of interest to my strategic network.
28) I have a clear understanding of the anatomy of wealth and power in my community.
29) I write posts that target my network and have them released regularly.
30) I am now well known by the opinion leaders in my network.
31) I frequently get in touch with neighborhood and federal government leaders at the regional, state, and nationwide level.
32) I target clusters of networks, not simply people.
33) I frequently acknowledge the achievements of individuals in my network.
34) I have actually made a lifetime commitment to assisting members of my network fix their specific problems. I am patient in developing my network.

Here are 34 affirmations I have produced after studying the book “Networking with the Affluent” by Dr. Thomas Stanley. Even though the book is targeted to sales people, I think that it is to everyone’s benefit to network– especially to network with effective people. Successful networkers network in clusters. They target the leaders of networks. These tools allow them to assist numerous members of their network in a brief period of time and establish themselves as professionals in their particular field.

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