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7 High Risk to use Technology

The advancement of technology has become an essential thing in the lives of all human beings with the developments of the modern era, the most prominent of which is the use of mobile phones and computers continuously from morning until going to sleep at night. According to the National Cancer Institute, the use of mobile phones can pose a threat to brain cancer. Mobile phone users are more likely to participate in accidents both in cars and on foot

1.      Eye Strain

Staring at computer screens and phones causes a long list of eye problems including burning sensations, changes in color perception or blurred vision.

2.      Relationship Problems

Blame can be on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter for many things, including causing disintegration and divorce in relationships, as well as creating negative emotions and self-doubt.

3.      Hard to Get Sleep

Embracing your laptop in bed or phone conversations keeps us until very late, takes more of our minds, and keeping technology closed at night is a healthy habit to get.

4.      Back and Neck Pain

Excessive use of mobile phones and computers can burden the neck or back.

5.      Privacy Issue

Social media and the Internet tape are a window of one’s privacy, and your information cannot be kept safe from prying eyes, and the use of phishing and piracy gives those who have evil intentions the information they want about you.

6.      +18 Content

When using the internet, you may mistakenly see something inappropriate, you can also click something, and explicit content is sent to your friends

7.      Risk of Obesity

You can sit all day on phones, laptops, or other devices, as you don’t move a lot and gradually your body fat is stored.

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