Bodhi Linux – The Enlightened Distro

Bodhi Linux is an Ubuntu-based distribution that uses the Enlightenment desktop in place of the usual desktop environment such as GNOME, KDE or XFCE. Enlightenment is a desktop which serves as a desktop environment and window manager at the same time. The fact that it is elegant, light weight and its consumption of low resources, high level of customization, and choice of themes makes it very special among the various Linux desktops.

Bodhi is a Buddhist term and in Sanskrit, it means Enlightenment or getting enlightened. The two design principles behind Bodhi could be summed up as:
User centric-It is upto the user to decide how his desktop should look like, what applications are installed and how they function.

E17 is cool

Bodhi Linux is composed of the E17 desktop on top of Ubuntu 10.04, so it merges a lightweight desktop on top of an efficient operating system. Enlightenment is under heavy development now. The developers update the Bodhi Linux distro atleast once a week from the E17 updates.

The Bodhi system is lightweight. The software that are available by default are Firefox, LXTerminal, Elementary Nautilus and Synaptic. More software can be downloaded through Bodhi Software Center, a web-based software installation tool.

Main features

  • Light weight
  • Stable
  • Efficient
  • Low resource consumption

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