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How Augmented Reality Can Make You Better at Your Job

Augmented Reality (AR) is the combination of interactive digital elements including buzzy haptic feedback and dazzling visual overlays. These elements are injected into our real-world environment to give us an interactive experience with the world around us. AR is currently known for unique iPhone and Android games but what’s lesser known is how AR technology is being used to improve productivity in the workplace. Augmented Reality apps allow professionals to visually analyze and plan the task at hand in real-time, with near precise measurements. 

Interestingly, the U.S. Army is using AR technology to create enhanced training missions for soldiers. A report also revealed that as high as 85% of jobs in 2030 have not yet been invented and neither has the skills for these jobs been defined. Because of this, almost every software development company is jumping on the opportunity to drive AR into the future. Nonetheless, people will still need to be fully equipped with the knowledge of AR to get ahead. Thus, aside from aiding you perform better at your job, AR technology can equip you with the necessary skills for the future. Other benefits it offers are:

Enhances Worker Productivity

AR tools can help you work smart, which, in turn, helps to increase your productivity. It expands your potential which enables you to function better with a machine. Furthermore, it can aid in making the design process faster, thereby taking away the need for physical prototypes.

In a case where you’re working with a machine that breaks down, an AR tool can help you find where the problem occurred, hence you can fix it quickly. Now if you’re fretting that machines will overtake your work, a report reveals that only 5% of jobs can be completely replaced by automation. Moreover, AR was designed to be an ally, not a threat.

Enhance Team Collaboration

AR has the potential to enhance collaboration between team members. And as such, it enables them to work together seamlessly to achieve their common goal. In this case, instead of relying on video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Webex,  and FaceTime today, team members can see each other in real-time on the screen thanks to AR.

When that happens, data and information can be shared easily and workers can get the needed information at the exact moment it was required. What’s even more remarkable, is that it can be used to teach team members how to do high-skilled tasks even if they had no formal training. It would especially be beneficial in completing nonrepetitive complex activities.

Helps in Remote Working

If you’ve ever harbored the thought of working remotely, then it can be a reality thanks to AR. The reason is, this technology eliminates the limitation of remote working. For starters, you can access data conveniently without dealing with endless sticky notes and papers on your desk.

Here, emails can be checked and other tasks carried out using hand gestures, which saves you from writing or typing on the computer. It, therefore, offers you the ability to do the things you would’ve done while present in the office building. It’s worth noting that there are expectations that AR headsets could someday serve as a good replacement to desktops and laptops.


AR technology may be associated with games such as Pokemon Go and apps like Google SkyMap. Nonetheless, its use in the workplace can enhance employee productivity, training and also make these worksites safer. Innovative companies like Google and Microsoft are looking into it, and so should businesses.

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