How to install Ubuntu inside Windows

What if you have been using Windows XP or Vista for a pretty long time and now want to give a try at Ubuntu, this is probably the best way forward. The product is called Ubuntu Wubi installer and it comes along with Ubuntu 8.04 and Ubuntu 8.10 live CD. Unlike normal installation process, Wubi does not require any changes to your partitions. All you need is a free space of atleast 4GB in your PC with Windows XP or Vista as the OS.

The often cited problem about  GNU/Linux based  is the difficulty in installing it. This is probably because most of them have never installed Windows either. With Wubi however, this problem is almost completely solved. Wubi installer is open source and is officially supported.

Now lets take a look at the installtion process. As you will see, installing Wubi is a cakewalk. Its like installing any other software in Windows. All you need to do is, put the Ubuntu 8.04 or Ubuntu 8.10 live CD while inside Windows. If autoplay is enbled, there is no hassles and the Wubi installation menu pops up. Otherwise manually run the file


from the CD. You will see the following window.

You have three options here.

->Demo and full installation

->Install Inside Windows

->Learn more

To start Wubi installer select Install Inside Windows option.
Then you will see the following window.

Now u need to choose the installtion drive with enough space(a minimum of 4GB) and then the space you want to devote to ubuntu install. Also, select the language and then username and password as well.  Click install and thats it !!

Installation is fast and hassle free .

Now reboot.

When you reboot you will notice that windows boot menu has now options for both Windows and Ubuntu. Thats it. You are ready to go.

Now if you want to remove Ubuntu, all you have to do is, boot into windows and select the Add/remove programs(programmes and features in Vista)from control panel  and uninstall Ubuntu.

Even though modern day Linux installations is quite easy even for a novice user, Wubi simply steals the show. Its as simple as it could ever be. If you want to try out free software,Ubuntu Wubi is possibly the best option you have. Installing and uninstalling is a breeze. Another reason for using free software 🙂 enjoy!

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