How to secure your data with Truecrypt in 11 easy steps

Truecrypt, is a free and open-source disk encryption software. In this post we will show you how to encrypt all your data using Truecrypt in 11 easy steps.

With Truecrypt it is possible to encrypt a virtual disk (folder), a partition or a whole storage device. The two most beautiful things with Truecrypt are real-time instantaneous encryption and simple and easy setup.

Probably you might ask yourself why you need it?! The matter of privacy today is very sensitive and as such sometimes we may need additional measures when our security might be compromised. Good examples of Truecrypt usage are protection of sensitive business or personal data, valuable pictures or movies you would not like to be expose to anybody else, I have read that some people hide their whole OS under Truesrypt so that nobody could activate it without them. You could encrypt whole USB device so when you lose it nobody could use or manipulate your data on it etc. Endless possibilities which let you sleep tight. 🙂

Truecrypt works on a simple procedure – you virtually mount a device through Truecrypt and then you can use it like any other folder. In order to mount it you need to type a very complex password. Once you are finished with using it you just unmount it and that is it. It is virtually impossible to break.

Let see how to set it up. As an example I will show you how to encrypt one folder on your HDD which will be highly secured.

Step 1.

Download Truecrypt from their website www.truecrypt.org Unpack it and execute that file with command:


This is for a 64bit machine and for the present version 7.0a. If you use 32bit Linux install it accordingly. Follow the very simple instructions during installation and you are done with installation

Step 2.

Start Truecrypt and you will see the following window.

Click on Create Volume button.

Step 3.

Once the new window is opened, choose the first option and click Next. If you want to encrypt the whole partition of your HDD or you want to encrypt e.g. whole USB device or external HDD choose the second option. Click button.

Step 4.

You have a nice explanation about this step and I have used it again the first option. Click Next.

Step 5.

Here you need to browse to the location where the Truecrypt file will be located. Simply give it a name and press Save. This is not the location where your encrypted folder will be located.

Click Next button.

Step 6.

Leave the default settings here and AES encryption algorithm or if you wish to explore a bit more with various encryptions check for more information on Truecrypt website. Click Next.

Step 7

Here you need to tell Truecrypt how big your new encrypted folder will be. I put 2 GB but if you feel like you will need more and you have bigger HDD put it accordingly. Click Next.

Step 8

In this step you need to pick your password. You have a nice tip in the lower part of the window which suggests how to properly make your password. I use 20 digits and letters combination. Try not to forget your password because there is no way to recover it! At least I didn’t find it. 🙂

Step 9

In this step you need to tell Truecrypt in which file system the encrypted folder should be. You have FAT, Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4 and I am using Ext4 because I will use this folder on Linux only. If you wish to use this folder on Windows then make it in FAT.

Step 10

Here you need to move your mouse pointer randomly on this screen and that will improve cryptographic strength! This is important step so dedicate couple minutes to it. Click Format button.

New small window will pop up and you will need to enter you Linux root password.

Step 11

Once we have finished choose Select File button and find the file we have created in step 5. Truecrypt will ask you for your password. After you correctly type it your new and encrypted folder will be in the list pretending that it is a new device.

Right click on it and choose Open. You will see the folder and you can start adding some personal or sensitive data or whatever you need to protect. Truecrypt is encrypting data in real time which means there is no delay and everything is super fast.

How do you like Truecrypt? Where and what for you use Truecrypt? Leave the comment below.

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