Installing Wallpaper Clock in Ubuntu 3 steps

Wallpaper clocks are inherently wallpapers itself which can show live time and date with nice integration. You won’t get an idea what it really is until you see it for yourself. Let’s see how could you install wallpaper clocks in Ubuntu. I have included some screenshots as well. Check it out.


  • A quick look on what really is a wallpaper clock.

Stunning isn’t it. Here’s one more.

  • Now let us see how wallpaper clock can be installed in you Ubuntu.

Install Screenlets First

  • In order to install wallpaper clock you will have to install wallpaper clock widget first. For that you need screenlets.
sudo apt-get install screenlets
  •  Done.

Download Wallpaper Clocks of your choice

  • Vladstudio is the authentic site for all your wallpaper clock related needs. You can find literally hundreds of mind blowing wallpaper clocks in Vladstudio.
  •  Download Wallpaper clocks from Vladstudio. Downloaded file will be having .wcz extension.

Now install Wallpaper Clock widget from the newly installed screenlet

  • Go to Application > Accessories > Screenlets. In the list of widgets you could find the Wallpaper Clock widget as well.   
  • Click on Launch/Add button. You will find a new Clock icon in your desktop.

Finally Install the newly downloaded Wallpaper Clocks

  • Right Click on the Clock icon in your desktop and select Install Wallpaper Clock.
  • Now browse to the just downloaded .wcz files and Click install and that is it.
  • Finally to enable the newly installed Wallpaper Clock, right click on the icon again as seen in the screenshot above and select Change Wallpaper Clock. You don’t need me any further. Go on, experiment and have fun. 🙂 

I have tried this only on Ubuntu Jaunty and i am not sure if this is going to work with either Hardy or Intrepid(Though i strongly believe, this will work in Hardy and intrepid as well).

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