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Libre Office 3.3.1 release out for grabs.

The Document Foundation has released their latest version of Libre Office which now stands at 3.3.1. This is a micro release for Libre Office which stands to be a serous contender for Open Office. The latest release includes new colorful icons based on The Document Foundation branding guidelines and includes updates to several language versions.

The latest release also includes fixes for bugs and new features some of which are exclusive to Libre Office.

Some of the latest features in Libre Office are

  • Import and Edit SVG Images
  • Improved Dialog Box for tilte pages
  • Improved Navigator
  • Colored tab for xls sheets
  • Import Filter for MS Works
  • Lotus Word Import Pro
  • New bundle of extensions like Presenter View (impress)
  • One million rows in a spreadsheet (Woah!!!)
  • Improved Slide Layout in Impress
  • Reworked WordPerfect Import

For a better view of the new features it will be worthwhile to check out them in detail at Libre Office Features

Info – The Document Foundation has raised about 45,000 euros which amounts to about 91% of their target which stands at 50.000 euros which is pretty good. At this rate we are pretty sure they would reach their target well within the time limit.

If you think their work is worthwhile show their support here at Support

Download the latest release of Libre Office here

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