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Macpup 511 – Puppy with an attitude!!

Macpup 511 is yet another Linux distro to hit the scene. Derived from Puppy Linux Lucid, Macpup can totally run in ram making it uber fast and responsive plus also extremely lightweight, weighing in around 200 MB. Sporting its gorgeous looks and its unique feel, Macpup is sure to bring in converts from other OSes. Bow wow!!

Puppy Linux can be thought of as the drag racer of the Linux World, built with one thing in mind – speed. Running totally in ram, its extremely responsive. Macpup adds the bling factor to Puppy’s speed. Since it is based on Puppy it has got all its great features plus some extra functionality. The most notable difference would be Mac’s use of the Enlightenment window manager. Enlightenment E17 is extremely lightweight but strikingly gorgeous and gaining popularity rapidly. The use of E17 has really brought a face-lift to puppy which was good looking already. While Puppy stands around 100 MB, Macpup takes in on an extra 100 MB.

Macpup justifies its extra payload as it is designed heavily for multimedia usage. Packing the all powerful VLC player in its arsenal plus audio centric tools like Audacity along with a good dose of Java to keep the cravings of the webophile at bay. It also sports Gimp for those occasional image touch ups. If you are not satisfied with this little pup then check out other spawned derivatives or what the heck! – Breed one on your own :). Go forth and multiply :):):).

Download Macpup at

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