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Online game store launched for Linux community

Gaming is always a passion for many in the world. Users of all age groups and gender play games. So the concept of gaming has reached new heights in the recent past. Popular games are available for download on the internet, some for free and some with premium rates. The concept of online game stores for games that are compatible with Windows has been around for some time now. Ubuntu lovers had also wished for a Store especially for games that run on Ubuntu. Well, the wait is finally over.

A web-based Linux game store has been launched very recently and is christened Gameolith.

The service is meant to offer a simple and more convenient method for Ubuntu and other such Linux based OS users to download their favourite Linux games that are available commercially that come with bundled DRM. The games have packages and tar balls for Debian, Ubuntu and fedora Linux distributions.

Of the games available for download in Gameolith, 3 are available for purchase as of now whereas the other 2 can be ordered. An interesting fact is that many of these games have already found a place in the Ubuntu Software Centre with the remaining waiting for their respective turns to mark an entry. The games that Gameolith offers at present are

  • BEEP
  • Space Chem
  • Hacker Evolution Duality
  • Family Farm
  • BOH

Linux based operating platforms are really going to benefit in the future when we take into account the numerous possibilities that will and are currently opening up in the Open Source language. Ubuntu looks to be the biggest beneficiary as the Ubuntu Software Centre is currently in the process of adding more and more conventional games to its huge catalogue. Linux has another giant waiting in the dark for an entry called Desura. And on top of that, we now have Gameolith.

But as with any case, the amount of appraisal and success Gameolith will garner will depend purely on the fact of how well they manage to develop a user community around the Store. They need to make an identity for themselves. Desura and the Ubuntu Software Centre have already kissed success on this front and thus they have a strategic advantage over Gameolith.

The only way by which Gameolith, can challenge the frontiers in this area and live up to the expectations of the Open Source Community is by deploying newer games and connecting better with the community. Only time will tell the fate of it.

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