Stunning Unity TV Mockups that you must see

Following Mark Shuttleworth’s announcement at the Ubuntu Developer Summit(UDS) that Ubuntu will be featured in phones,tablets and TVs in the next two years, Ubuntu enthusiasts like Ian Santopietro  and Michael Hall have released their own designs. The following Unity TV mockups were created by Ian Santopietro. Check out the following images and see what the creator has to say about each one of those….


A simple login screen to let the system know which Ubuntu One account you want to use.


PINs  would be completely optional, and off by default.

Unity TV

The Default home lens which shows the last four things you watched/listened to, for quick access.

Unity TV

An example of a third-party lens; Netflix . Here, it’s showing my Queue, but that would be up to the developer. Note the hint at additional content on the right.

Unity TV

You press a button on the remote, in which case you get some basic playback controls, as well as access to the dash

unity TV

Switching to the Apps lens, we see what apps would look like. Switching between apps isn’t really necessary on a TV, so you can only have one app open at a time. BUT, but can have content playing (Music for instance).

Find out more about Ian’s designs at  in Unity TV mockups Google + page.

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