Subdownloader: An easy way to download subtitles

Almost every single one of you who has a desktop computer or a laptop or even a Netbook might have seen at least one movie in their computer for sure. And many of you might have seen the movie with its subtitle. Everyone prefers to make use of the subtitles available with a movie file because it is often very difficult to follow fast paced dialogues and we will definitely have to rely on a lot on the subtitle to understand the movie completely. But many a time you don’t either get the subtitle along with the movie file you download or the available file does not sync properly with the movie file.

The best solution for such a problem is by employing 3rd party software to automatically sync or download the correct subtitle file with the video file. An example of one such software which is in fact recommended by many is Sub Downloader.

The Sub Downloader is an automatic Subtitle downloader for various movie files you might have that includes the likes of DIVX, VOB, MPEG, AVI and much more. This software is widely used especially in Linux based systems as this is considered to be the best for Linux based systems.

In fact the software simplifies your movie experience and helps you ease your pain of having to download the correct subtitle file and then possibly syncing them with your favourite movie file. Often we encounter subtitles that are either stretched or short in syncing with the video file. The Sub Downloader is a virtuous tool in such a situation.

The entire process is simple. You have to first download the software and then install it. After successful installation all you have to do is direct the software to the folder where your required movie file is. The rest is magic.

After analysing the video the software will present the user with a list of recommended subtitles. Some of the key functionalities offered by the Sub Downloader software are

  • Automatic subtitle download – All you need to do is to select folder with your videos and in a few seconds you will have the most appropriate subtitles listed and ready to download.
  • Play movie directly from Subdownloader – This program allows you play your movies directly from it with your freshly downloaded subtitles. All you need to do is to tell Subdownloader in it’s settings which video player you want to use. It is fairly simple to do in Ubuntu and I guess any other Linux distribution so I will not bother you much with it.
  • Download only subtitle in your favorite languages – In settings you will find a long list of different languages supported in this program. You can pick several of them if you prefer because sometimes it is not possible to find subtitles in your native language.
  • Independent search – It is very simple to make an independent search and all you need to do is to switch on the second tab and search by movie name
  • Upload your own subtitle – The third tab on the top gives you the possibility to upload your own subtitles. If your video has more then one file you can upload all of them at once.

In all the Sub Downloader is a very handy software for movie freaks who often watch movies on their computers and the software is available with support options for Linux, Windows and Mac OS versions.

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