Top 10 Dazzling GTK Themes

Gnome-shell may have started its bull run but the good old Gtk themes still don’t fail to pack a punch. Have a look at our choice of Gtk 3 themes sourced from the Mecca of all Gnome themes – gnome-look.org

1. Kupo Finale

This style is pure beauty. With sharp edges, smooth gradients, and inconspicuous windows, this GTK style reveals that minimalist does not need to imply boring, and that professional can has a style all of its own.

2. Elegant Brit

With sharp contrasts and a color pattern that mixes well with the background of the image, you will be able to appreciate the charm of this theme while enjoying its far-off design.

3. VistaBut 1.2

So some individuals might grumble about the benefits of having a style that makes Linux look much like Vista, however remember that an os is not its appearances. This theme looks really similar to Windows Vista, and is rather professional.

4. Ubuntu Dust

This theme will please your requirements for dark colors while all at once providing your desktop in an expert way.

5. OSX Tiger

In line with the VistaBut theme, this one provides the Mac desktop for those who discover it smooth and professional but want Linux as their system.


This style looks quite nice on a KDE desktop, featuring smooth beveled buttons and a soft silver coloring.

7. Catartica

Just because a theme is smooth and expert does not mean it has to appear like it comes from a 65-year-old CEO. Catartica, though its name reminds me of cataracts, is a good splash of modern youth integrated with easy-on-the-eye graphics and an a smooth appearance that would be appropriate for any workplace.

8. Murrina X-2

This style adds the advantage of minimalism to the expert look.

9. Khali

This beauty is certainly a dark theme, and is as smooth as it is bold. With a dark checkered background and borders that are as basic as they are dark, this style is an excellent option.

10. Candido

Candido appears like a dream, possibly because of its excellent background or basic icons. It doesn’t draw attention to itself, however instead stands happy with what it is in– a smooth, simple style.

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