Ubuntu Artwork team starts delivering – Four cool themes and two icon sets to start with

Ubuntu Artwork team finally starts delivering. Although Ubuntu have been the most popular distro for a pretty long time now, it really need to put in a lot of work on enhancing look and feel. Though a number of high quality third party themes are available like the bisigi-project, one thing where Ubuntu lacked was the absence of good quality themes by default. That is all going to change now.

Ubuntu’s brown desktop is the real culprit for most of the bad name Ubuntu got for its looks. But you know what, most of the new themes are variations of brown and they are even starting to look good! Check them out for yourself.

Turrican Orange


Turrican Blue


Hanso Theme






  • Now lets take a peek at new ICON THEME sets.





These themes may not be the best you could get out there, but they are definitely the way forward. And It is not sure yet if any of these themes would ever find its place in the official set of themes for Ubuntu Karmic Koala.  Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best to happen. I especially liked the Hanso+Breathe combination which make Ubuntu brown look so polished!

Special thanks to d0od blog for bringing this up.

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