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World Of Goo must have for Puzzle Lovers

World of Goo is a puzzle game with a highly efficient physics engine. It has won many accolades from across the world since its release. It was initially available for Wii, Windows and Mac, but lately, its available for Linux as well.

When i first tried this cute little game in my ubuntu machine, i was amazed by its slickness and the fun factor. Though i never bought the original version(i am not much into gaming), i really liked the demo version. This is indeed a must have for Puzzle lovers.

According the official blog of World of Goo team, Linux version of the game constituted around  4.6 per cent of the total number of downloads immediately after the release a year ago. Though the game itself is not free(as in beer and as in freedom), a demo version is available which is free and installation is a click away.

Here are some screenshots. 

Neat graphics and an awesome physics engine makes it a real deal.

Original version is not free and it costs around 20USD. There is a FREE demo version also available. You can either download the Demo version or you could buy it right away from 2DBoy.

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